2019 Autumn Update

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As the nights are now drawing in and we are all reaching for our warmer layers, it’s time to reflect on the last few months for V&V. Provence seems like a distant memory, but there is always something comforting about the changing seasons and autumn fashion offers not only a beautiful colour palette, but a wealth of gorgeous textures and fabrics! We have loved seeing the new consignments of silk blouses, leather trousers and cashmere knits arriving in the studio, closely followed by gorgeous boots, glamorous heels and soft leather handbags.Its almost enough to make up for those darker days!

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One thing that we have definitely noticed since we started V&V, is how quickly time seems to fly by. Partly because we are so busy, but also because we are always planning ahead, trying to take advantage of every opportunity we can think of to grow our business. One of the ways in which we have branched out is by holding more evening events, which although a little daunting at first, have proved to be great fun and very successful. These are sometimes organised in conjunction with a local stylist or alternatively we simply offer to host a group of local ladies who are keen to spend a couple of hours together enjoying a glass or two of bubbles in a private and stylish shopping environment. It is wonderful to think that preloved clothing is no longer seen as a poor relation of the fashion world and when presented in this way is something that our clients are more than happy to embrace! We are always keen on these occasions to discuss the merits of sustainable fashion, in the hope of encouraging everyone to continue making considered clothing choices in the future. This is something that we have also actively promoted on Facebook and Instagram, where the message has been very well received.

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Moving on to the highlight of the last few months, there can only be one winner, our fabulous trip to New York at the end of August to check out the thriving preloved market in this amazing city! In the few days that we were there, we managed to visit a wide range of shops, from the lowly thrift store to the most upmarket of consignment businesses, where you need to ring a bell to even enter the premises! Although we loved the shops selling countless pieces of Chanel, Hermes, Valentino and Etro, we did actually find that the businesses with more eclectic ranges were more appealing to us. There were a variety of price points in these and we enjoyed the challenge of looking through the rails and feeling that we would have to do a little work to uncover a gem that we could actually afford to buy! Prices were generally very high as the pound continues to be weak against the dollar, but we struggled on and managed to make a few purchases!!

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We also relished looking through the vintage sections and as many dress agencies in England do not stock these pieces, we are very keen to continue doing so at V&V. The decor of the shops also varied greatly, from basic to extremely opulent, so it was interesting to note how we felt slightly overawed by some and underwhelmed by others. Likewise the service was variable and tellingly we returned to the shop where we had established a rapport with the owner. This served to underline our view that customer service is of utmost importance and that we must continue to put this at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind, we have recently introduced cards for new customers to complete, which provide us with some background details on sizes and style preferences, so we are able to be as well informed as possible about individual clients. By agreeing to receive our regular emails, we can also keep them up to date with all our various openings and events.

Speaking of which, we have several Christmas related evenings coming up in the next couple of months, both in the studio and with local businesses, so will report back on these in due course. In the meantime, we have just enjoyed another PopUp week in Old Amersham at the Cecilia Quinn shoe boutique. It is always such a pleasure to see Michele and Claudia , especially as their Amersham shop has just celebrated its 4th birthday! Talking of birthdays, we can hardly believe that we have nearly been open a year ourselves as our first Open Day was on November 9th 2018. We will have to think of a good way to mark this special occasion. One thing is for sure, you will definitely be invited!

Jenny & Emma.

9th November 2019