2021 Spring Update

Vintage and Vogue UK Spring 2021 Blog Emmma & Jenny

So here we are, wondering what has happened to the sunshine, but hanging on to the hope that we are finally edging towards the end of lockdown! Holidays abroad maybe still off the cards, but shopping at V&V is definitely back and we are absolutely loving the opportunity to see our clients in the studio again!

We were officially allowed to open our doors on Monday 12th April and celebrated with a Welcome Back weekend on the following Friday and Saturday. We had two full days of appointments, the sun actually shone and we didn’t stop smiling! It was so much fun to catch up with customers and see them actually trying on their favourite pieces, rather than just posting things out. Nothing beats seeing a happy shopper leaving the studio with a spring in their step and a V&V brown paper bag on their arm!

Vintage and Vogue UK Spring 2021 Blog Colour

Talking of paper, we made the decision during this third lockdown to change our packaging and now use more sustainable, brown paper sacks. We still include a personal message on a vintage style postcard with each purchase. Occasionally things don’t work out and items need to be returned, but that’s only to be expected. As we send a lot of photos and details about the products in advance, this doesn’t actually happen very often!

We also realised during the lockdown period that we needed to showcase more of our wonderful pieces on social media than previously had been the case. Traditionally one of us had modelled a few items each day, but by using flatlays and rails in particular, we are now able to display more clothes and accessories in many different sizes. The response has been excellent, so it looks like our modelling careers are over, although we will still pop up from time to time on a Saturday to give our own lovely preloved dresses an outing!

Vintage and Vogue UK Spring 2021 Blog Bespoke

On the subject of outings, we were very kindly gifted the opportunity recently to take part in a colour consultation training session @redleopard_uk in London. They use Ittens colour wheel, which was developed at the Bauhaus in the 1920’s as a basis for their work and they spend several hours with each client deciding on your most flattering colours. They do this by systematically comparing and contrasting a range of coloured drapes next to your face and helping you notice the the difference that various colours make to your complexion. We both came out as Autumn, which was a bit of a surprise for Jenny, who definitely feels drawn to colours from other seasons as well! More importantly, however, the experience has made us even more determined to help our own clients find styles and colours that work best for them and make them feel amazing!

Vintage and Vogue UK Spring 2021 Blog Bespoke

So coming out of lockdown and heading towards Summer, we are excited to continue spreading the joy of preloved and high end consignments have been pouring in! It is also gratifying to see the number of articles in the press that are now actively promoting the idea of resale boutiques and other sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. With preloved, you are helping your wallet and the planet, so it really is the perfect way to shop! If you are yet to have your first experience of shopping with us, but think that this is something you might be interested in, please drop us a line. Once you have had the thrill of finding your own fabulous piece at an amazing price, you will wonder what took you so long!

Jenny & Emma.

May 2021